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Houston Engineering, Inc.

Fargo Office - Corporate Office

1401 21st Avenue North
Fargo, North Dakota  58102

Contact: Rick Gunderson

Phone Number: 701-237-5065

Fax: 701-237-5101



Principals: Jeffrey LeDoux, Rick St. Germain, Jerry Bents, Jerry McLaughlin, C. Gregg Thielman, Rick Gunderson, and Dr. Mark Deutschman

Disciplines: Airport, Civil, Computer Applications, Environmental, Forensic, GIS, Hydrogeology, Hydrology, Municipal, Planning, Structural, Surveying, Transportation, Wastewater, Water

Activities Narrative: Specialty and general civil engineering and surveying services, including water resources, stormwater management, watershed management, water quality modeling and monitoring, flood plain studies, hydrodynamic modeling, wetland delineation, environmental review and permitting, industrial, commercial and residential site and land development, water supply, wastewater, waste management, highways, bridges, railroads, municipal, and GIS.

Ownership: Privately Owned Corporation